Cheryll Hill

Cheryll Hill is a Leadership Coach and the Principal and Founder of The Leader's Coach.

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Annemarie Menne

Annemarie Menne is a Clinical Psychologist and Co-Founder and Director of Neaves & Menne Clinical Psychology.

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Kate Russell

Kate Russell is a conflict management coach, mediator, and Director and Founder of Adelaide Conflict Management.

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"Leadership is action, not position."

- Donald H. McGannon

"Learn to look after your staff first and the rest will follow."

- Richard Branson

"You can't lead with titles, rules or just words. You lead with trust, compassion and listening."

- Sheldon Yellen

Our Mission

The Care Factory exists to support managers and leaders in recognising and addressing mental health and related concerns in the workplace.

We take a unique, holistic approach and bring to the table years of experience in a diverse range of fields - including psychology, leadership and conflict management.

Our goal is to empower leaders to be confident and comfortable in managing issues relating to mental health, leadership and conflict in the workplace.

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